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Costco in Salinas helps caretakers with priority access

In several parts of the country, Costco has been opening their doors early for caretakers and first responders to enable them to get their food and supplies before the general public. This was true in Salinas, California, but the local Costco there took it one step further to take care of one of our own CMN families. Recently a ‘CMN Mom’ reached out to Costco to see if she would be considered a caretaker.

This amazing mom has several members of her family that have mitochondrial disease including her two sons, sister, and mother. Her sister had also recently been in the ER due to pneumonia and UTI, so you can imagine how busy she’s been.  

Thankfully upon receiving this mother’s request, Costco allowed her early access for shopping so she could continue to take care of those that desperately depended on her. 

This is just one of the many examples how Costco will take the time to understand and was able to support a CMN families like this one.

We appreciate the dedication of this family to CMN, as they are true central coast miracle makers.    


 – Story by Jamie Miller, Primary Program Director at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital