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Costco is Coming in Hot!

Most people say that everything is bigger in Texas. However, here at Valley Children’s Hospital, we think everything is bigger at Costco…especially their fundraising efforts! At this time of the year, Costco is gearing up for another successful fundraising season.

In 2018, Costco raised $525,589 for Valley Children’s Hospital…a new record! This did not surprise us at all. Costco’s associates are energetic, motivated and determined to succeed! They will do whatever it takes to raise money for the kids.

In our 28 year long partnership, Costco associates raised over 6.7 million dollars for sick and injured kids all over the Central Valley.

Costco employees came to visit and tour the hospital to see where their fundraising efforts are going.  The employees strategized best fundraising practices.

Amanda Kerr, Norah’s mom, tells Costco employees their Valley Children’s Hospital story.

They heard from Norah Kerr, our 7 year old CMN champion. She told them how much she loves Valley Children’s Hospital and Costco! All of the employees seemed more motivated than ever for the 2019 campaign.

Costco’s 2019 campaign starts on May 1st and ends on May

31st. This means you only have one month to help your local Costco give back to the kids at Valley Children’s Hospital. How will you give back?

Visit your local Costco to join the movement #forthekids!