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Local Business Owner Donates $10,000 at Costco for CMNH Campaign

When Jose Luis Pastrana went shopping at Costco store #31 in Fresno on September 17, he had no idea there was a fundraising campaign in progress. He had not even heard of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals before. He did, however, know of Valley Children’s Hospital.


In the past, specialists at the hospital had provided treatments and services for his children. When his daughter, now 22, was a young girl, she needed medical care at Valley Children’s. Just three years ago, his son, Angel, broke his arm and needed surgery at the hospital.

So when the Costco cashier asked Jose if he wanted to donate to Valley Children’s, Jose initially said yes with a donation of $10.00. As the cashier wrapped up his transaction, Jose pondered and spoke to a Costco manager about the campaign. It was then that he decided to change his donation from $10 to $10,000 for Valley Children’s Hospital!

Jose shared his humble beginnings when he immigrated to the U.S. 14 years ago. He worked in the fields, picking and packing strawberries, grapes and almonds. It was long hours of back-breaking, grueling work under extreme weather conditions and for low wages. He worked hard for years until he came across a business opportunity which he has now grown successfully.

Giving to Costco’s CMN campaign was a way for Jose to help others in need. When his son was hospitalized, he remembers paying more than $40,000 cash for the procedure. Jose expressed that he knows there are many families out there not able to pay their children’s medical bills. This was his gesture of sharing his blessings, expressing: “It’s really good that Costco does this and gave me this opportunity.”

We are incredibly grateful for local business owners like Jose Luis who has a heart for giving back to his community.