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We get by with a little help from our friends

Before COVID-19 was hitting Northwest Ohio hard, our administrative staff at Mercy Health – St. Vincent’s and Mercy Health – Children’s Hospital were working hard on a plan to help support our front line workers.

They decided on a quiet area, where these workers could relax for a few minutes. They had purchased massage chairs for the area but realized that they would not be arriving before our wave of patients would hit. Because they decided to order these chairs through Costco, they gave our Children’s Miracle Network Program Director a call to see if she could use her connections to get them shipped out sooner rather than later.

After a call to Kevin at the Toledo Costco Warehouse, he informed us that the chairs come from a manufacturer but he was going to reach out and see if they could get them shipped out now. Not even a few hours later, Kevin called to inform us that Osaki Massage Chairs will be sending out the massage chairs the next day. Not only are they sending them out the next day, the owner is donating the two chairs to our hospital!

But it gets even better! Osaki Massage Chairs knows how important front line workers are during this pandemic, they donated an additional five chairs to our other Mercy Health facilities.

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Kevin making a call on behalf of Mercy Health – Children’s Hospital. This is just one example of how great our Children’s Miracle Network partners have been during this pandemic.