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Costco Miracle Balloon Campaign

Like nearly everything this year, Costco’s miracle balloon campaign made a pivot due to the pandemic.

Typically, during the month of May, Costco associates are asking members to make a donation to CMN Hospitals- Dayton Children’s.

This spring; however, dedicated Costco team members were busy keeping the shelves stocked, moving members through socially distanced lines, rearranging the registers and product layouts at the drop of a dime, and much, much more. All while providing amazing customer service.

Extra hours, extra work, extra worries, extra personal stressors, extra health concerns, extra cleaning… all with a smile on their faces- behind their masks.

Dayton Children’s was thrilled to learn that through all of this, Costco was still going to have their national CMN Hospitals campaign. We didn’t know what to expect, with the mental fatigue and financial strain Covid-19 has placed on so many this year. In addition, the campaign was held in September for the first time in Costco’s 32-year partnership with CMN.

We are grateful to say that Dayton’s single Costco location raised nearly $20,000. Only through the selflessness of its associates and the unwavering support of the members could this happen.

Dayton Children’s has had one Costco in our fundraising market for the past six years. Total fundraising for our Costco is now over $180,000!

Thank you, Costco for stepping up for kids in our region when they need you more than ever.